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 Reporting a post

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ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Reporting a post   Πεμ Δεκ 27, 2007 12:19 pm

To better help the forum staff to moderate the forum I have activated a report system. If a post doesn’t comply with the forum rules and regulation or offends you in any way, you can report it via the report system. It’s very simple. You press on the exclamation mark ! on the top right corner of the post and you choose the reason you are reporting the post.

1. Spam or Off Topic : To report a spam post or an off topic post.

2. Illegal Warz : To report a post containing illegal software in the form of a direct link for download or a torrent file.

3. Pornographic contents : To report a post containing pornographic photos, icons, videos and/or links to pornographic pages.

4. Offensive contents : To report a post that contains ideas and/or material that offends you.

5. Racist contents : To report a post that contains racist ideas and/or material.

6. Member abuse : To report a post that the author is abusing and/or harassing you or another member.

7. Sexual harassment : To report a post that the author is harassing you sexually.
I will only take into consideration reports made by the member being harassed. Do not report something that you believe to be sexual harassment towards someone. The boundary between flirt and sexual harassment differs from person to person. We must respect everyone’s personal believes.

8. Moderator power abuse : To report a Moderator that is abusing and/or misusing their Moderator privileges.

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Reporting a post
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